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First Day with Copper Choppers

The first few minutes of any Kids programs are the most hectic.  We ask several questions such as:

  • Age
  • Name
  • Bus number or adult contact information. The same adult should receive the athlete at the end of the day.  We will not release an athlete on their own.
  • Ski or Snow Board ability – This is not the time to boast about skiing/riding down double black runs. Let us know if your athlete is comfortable and smooth on green, blue, or black trails.
  • When is the last time your athlete was on snow?
  • When making turns, are your skis in a “V” (pizza), wide position, or a combination of wide and narrow stance?
  • Did you have a good breakfast?
  • Any medications or illness we should be aware of?  Coaches are not allowed to dispense medication.

We may shuffle athletes to adjust group sizes by age and ability.  So please be flexible.

If your athlete has a buddy they want to be with and they are at different ski/ride abilities, then the buddy at a higher level will have to be with a lower level group and may not be happy.

Expect the day to be cold.  When an athlete gets to the top of the hill and proclaims to have really cold fingers and/or toes, there is not much we can do until we reach a warming area and lose valuable time on the hill for your athlete and others.